Fire Evacuation Diagram – Get the Professionals


One of our expert team members will visit your premises to sketch up your building plan and will organise a compliant fire evacuation diagram to be created and installed on site.

Our professional design team is a leading service provider of emergency evacuation diagrams for all applications.

Additional diagrams are $150 each plus GST

Steps to having your Evacuation diagram on the wall at your premises:

  1. Order and pay online
  2. One of expert team members will contact you to arrange a visit
  3. We visit your premises and draw up your building plan for you
  4. Confirm that diagrams are correctly orientated and to your requirements
  5. We will print, laminate and install

Includes a Site Visit for one building and one Evacuation Diagram.

Additional Evacuation Diagrams required for the one building/ site/ floor will be $110 + GST each, which will be payable upon completion of the additional Evacuation Diagrams.

If you are ordering for multiple buildings or multiple sites, please raise an order for each site/ building/ floor. If you have any questions, please contact 1300 323 753.

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